This website is a space for the RCA to exhibit work done as part of the BEGIN project in its efforts to help city planners create co-ownership models with the public in their Blue-Green Infrastructure projects.

The work shown here has been developed with the help of staff from Erasmus University, the RCA service design studio, Kent County Council, Enfield Council and all the BEGIN city partners.

Royal College of Art
This project is part of the Policy Platform of the Service Design Programme at the RCA School of Design.

Head of Program: Dr Nick de Leon - Head of Service Design
Research Supervision: Dr Qian Sun - Senior tutor in Service Design
Project Coordinator: Nicolas Rebolledo - Policy Platform Leader
Research Associate: John Makepeace

Erasmus university
Prof. Dr. Arwin van Buuren - Professor of Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam
Astrid Molenveld - Assistant Professor
Dr William Voorberg - Post-Doctoral Researcher
Jannes Willems - Post-Doctoral Researcher

Royal College of Art MA Students
Judith Buhman
Breana Russel
Francesca Schiboni Grimaldi,
Rhea Belani
Nicole Zheng
Wen Han Yap
Natalia Carrasco
Bianca Benvenuto
Daniela Soto Espinoza
Karen Rozenbaum

Kent County Council
Bronwyn Buntine
Louise Smith

Enfield Council
Graham Campbell




Please feel free to contact us to ask any questions or share any views about the work shown here or any potential future activity. This is a work in progress.

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