Compass helps the public understand the way tax
money is spent in a transparent and honest way
using an online platform and multiple types of engagement materials.

Compass is a strategy for city planners to inform community members about the cost of projects, educate them on why these projects are valuable, and explain to the community how they can contribute.


For Community Members:

• Lack of information regarding Blue-Green Infrastructure and other council projects

• No link between Council and Community

• Lack of evidence with regards to Flooding in Sittingbourne.

• Participation seems like doing the council’s job.

For the Local Authority:

• Costs are a huge barrier. Ongoing maintenance of a  project is unaffordable.

• They cannot co-produce with the community.

• Need the community to approve of their project.

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Compass is...

A service which mediates communications and relationships between councils and the public through a mixture of physical campaigns and an online platform.

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Physical campaigns placed around Sittingbourne in order to arouse interest and give community members access to Compass through existing social media channels.

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Online Platform:

Compass is a service, which hosts information about projects
and shows the public what is relevant to them. In Kent, the project ‘Blue to Green’ shows information about the work in Sittingbourne highstreet to reduce flooding with the use of Blue Green Infrastructure.


Feedback and Voting:

Community members are given the ability to engage with the website, join groups, find out about events and provide feedback regarding taxes.