The Community Garden Club is a non-profit organisation that helps communities come together to create green spaces that residents can enjoy every day. It provides the public, schools, councils and local businesses with a unique opportunity to connect with each other to find new ways of turning underused spaces around them into local neighbourhood gardens and create green spaces that the whole community can contribute to and enjoy.

There are huge benefits for children from being connected to nature

But evidence suggests there is an ever increase disconnection between children and nature.

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There are many schools who have attempted to run school gardening clubs however often there are issues for each stakeholder involved that prevent the clubs from continuing or reaching their full potential. 

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Through intense involvement with schools, the council and other local stakeholders like commercial garden centres this project explored the potential for a new model of relationship between these people that could help sustainably build a club that would help children connect to nature. 

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Between these people there is space for social innovation that could bring sustainable value to children and the public.

How might local schools, councils and businesses collaborate to reconnect communities with nature through gardening?

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By connecting everyone’s needs and opportunities a space for new, valuable relationships opens up where stakeholders can collaborate to share resources, knowledge and even green spaces and gardens to bring true value to their local communities.

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This is the Community Garden Club...

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The local council want to install pop-up rain gardens along the high street. They approach local businesses with the idea.
Local schools and residents are invited to come along and help to create and maintain beautiful rain gardens to brighten their local neighbourhood. Each month the a local business is offered publicity in exchange for sponsorship of one or more of the rain gardens.

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The Community Garden Club helps residents develop a closer connection with nature by giving them the opportunity to experience nature in the places that are closest to them and to rethink how they use the private and public spaces around them.

It’s a service that leverages the space, skills and resources available through local businesses and the council and gives residents an opportunity to take ownership of and improve their neighbourhoods together.

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Children's connection to nature is improved and measured based on their experience, knowledge and proximity to it.