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Youth Disengagement:

Though a large proportion of Enfield is under 30 years old only 7% of the public who are involved in consultation are from this age bracket.

This means in the future not only will there be less people involved with parks but the parks will also be suited to these generations even less than they are now as they currently do not have a say in shaping them.

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Pokémon Go:

Was an augmented reality pet rearing which game had huge success in getting young people out into nature.

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this project uses the same strategy but focussing on specific parks near to people’s homes in order to build a deeper connection with the spaces near them.


Park Frog is a digital pet-raising game which encourages younger generations of people to directly forge a connection with the park by contributing to it and taking ownership of it.


It helps people discover the park by encouraging them to go there to collect energy for their frog and shows them new routes that get there.

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It teaches them about the park and the challenges it faces.

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People use their cameras and app to learn about caring for the park and the challenges of keeping it clean and beautiful.


Through playing the game they keep their frog healthy, they reconnect to the park and keep themselves healthy.


It rewards people for their activity by offering discount schemes with local companies which helps maintain ongoing interest for users.

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Long Term

In the early stages the game just connects people to the park but as it continues it creates genuine behaviour change and people begin to care for their park again, offering feedback and collaborating in projects with the council.

Their increased care for the park develops into participation in activities and eventually long term care and ownership.

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