The Projects


Open Park

Team: Natalia Carrasco, Bianca Benvenuto, Daniela Soto Espinoza, Karen Rozenbaum

Description: Uses design tools to create new types of partnerships between authorities and the public. Fostering stronger engagement with the public and creating a collaborative design process to support shared ownership. Turning a closed and rigid process into an open, inclusive and resilient one. 



Park Frog

Team: Nicole Zheng, Wen Han Yap

Description: Uses a digital pet caring game to encourage younger generations of people to contribute to and take ownership of public parks in order to avoid the worsening cycle of youth disengagement with parks, nature and citizenship.




Team: Breana Russel, Francesca Schiboni Grimaldi, Rhea Belani

Description: Uses an online platform and multiple types of engagement materials to help the public understand the way taxes are spent in a transparent and honest way. Helping the public to understand each scheme in the area and the decision making process behind it. In this case helping the public understand the role of climate change in flooding, what the risks are, why BGI (Blue-Green Infrastructure) is necessary and how they can contribute.



Community Gardening Club

Team: Judith Buhman

Description: Uses the enthusiasm of children and the format of a school gardening club this service connects children and parents to nature through gardening, enriching their education and creating opportunities for local authorities to set tasks that help maintain public space.